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Skilled Guidance Through White Collar Crime Defenses

Defending yourself against criminal charges is commonly a difficult process, but this is especially true for white collar crime charges. Because financial or cyber elements are often involved in these charges, it can be hard to build a strategy that proves your innocence on your own. Instead of trying to build your defense by yourself, let a skilled Iowa criminal defense lawyer craft a defense you can depend on.

At Babich Sarcone Attorneys at Law, attorney Nick Sarcone has 15 years of experience in criminal law. In his time representing clients throughout the Des Moines area, he has crafted defense strategies that have led our clients to the outcomes they deserve in their defense cases.

Custom-Tailored Defenses Against All Types Of Charges

White collar crimes are nonviolent crimes that involve illegally causing others to lose money, assets or services. The methods used to commit these crimes vary greatly, and you need to be sure that the attorney you choose can represent you through your unique charges. We have helped clients through some of the most complex white collar charges, including:

  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery
  • Tax crimes
  • Fraud (financial, insurance, mortgage)
  • Internet crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Identify theft

A conviction for these charges can result in a lifetime of complications and can quickly escalate into felony charges. We take a meticulous approach to these cases to ensure we have all the necessary information to either beat your charges or get them dismissed or reduced in your case.

When our attorney represents you, you can rest easy knowing we are doing everything in our power to help you. While we are fighting for you, we will also keep you regularly informed about what we are doing for you, as well as answer your questions about your case along the way.

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