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Divorce can be tough on children. They have to adapt to a lot – new schedules, two houses to live in and a dramatically shifted dynamic between their parents. Because of this, Iowa law focuses child custody and visitation decisions on what is in their best interests.

At Babich Sarcone, our family law attorneys bring an energetic and thoughtful approach to hammering out child custody, visitation and parenting time plans. While they can be aggressive in the court room, they strive to create a supportive and compassionate environment when meeting with clients. Our lawyers can explain each aspect of this area of divorce law to you carefully, in plain language.

How Custody Is Determined In Iowa

There are several important things to know about Iowa custody and visitation laws:

  • There is a difference between how the court views legal and physical custody. Iowa courts have a strong preference for awarding joint legal custody (the right to make major decisions about schooling, religious training and the like). Physical custody – where the child will live – does not necessarily have to be joint.
  • Judges have broad discretion in how they evaluate custody matters. Factors they may assess include you and your ex’s health, emotional state and income; any history of domestic abuse in the family; each child’s individual needs; each parent’s ability to provide a stable home; and (for older children) the child’s preference regarding custody.
  • Many custody matters can be settled in mediation. Many Iowans will be required to attempt to mediate their divorce first. This is an excellent opportunity for you to craft a unique custody plan that will suit the needs of your children.

If you believe you may have a challenge to attaining the custody or visitation level that you feel is best for your child, our attorneys can counsel you on the steps you can take to prove you are a stable and supportive parent.

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