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There’s nothing more personal and important than family – and there’s nothing more painful and emotional than when a family breaks apart. The family law attorneys at Babich Sarcone have a passion for helping clients navigate through those stormy times and set a course for a long-term recovery.

Our highly experienced lawyers collaborate to provide our best advice for every client, and we practice with a sensitivity for the welfare of any children involved. You can trust the experience, knowledge and practical counsel of our Des Moines family law attorneys during these difficult times.

We work hard for all our clients, from simple divorces without children to divorces involving multimillion-dollar businesses or hundreds of acres of farmland. Regardless of the size of the case or the complexity of the legal and emotional issues involved, we will put in the time required.

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We focus a significant part of our firm practice to divorce and other family law challenges. We offer representation in the areas of:

Your Fight Is Our Fight, And You Have Our Support

At Babich Sarcone, we believe every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and has a right to be heard. We understand that divorce is about change and that there is no such thing as an easy divorce. Family law cases involve far more than just arguments about the law. The practice area involves personal and emotional factors that cannot be ignored. Our experienced attorneys have been through the process many times and will advise you regarding what results you can reasonably expect to obtain. They will help prepare you for all aspects of a case and answer the questions you may have along the way.

Do You Need A Family Law Lawyer?

Even in cases where both spouses want to work together to resolve their divorce, you should always have a family law attorney at your side. We can help guide you through your case to ensure you are defending the best interests of yourself and your children while not giving up more than necessary in a divorce. We can also work to pursue a swift and efficient resolution to your legal needs.

How Long Does A Divorce Take?

In Iowa, there is a mandatory 90-day waiting period before a final divorce decree, which means the fastest divorces still take at least three months to resolve. If the divorce is complicated, it can take several months or longer to resolve.

How Does Iowa Divide Marital Property?

Iowa courts use the “equitable distribution” method of dividing assets. This method seeks to split assets fairly between both parties, which may not always result in a 50/50 split. For example, if one spouse contributed more to the marriage, they may receive a larger total portion of the assets in the divorce.

Get The Help You Need To Resolve Your Family Law Situation

We know that all our clients go through a wide range of emotions and challenges, and we work hard to help clients process the range of emotions they experience and overcome any challenges they face. To set up a confidential initial consultation, call our offices in Des Moines at 515-817-1870 or request an appointment using our online intake form.