Guiding You Through Your Divorce Journey

Divorce has the potential to upend your entire life. Whether your family is small or large, or your assets humble or substantial, nothing will be the same once one of you starts the marriage dissolution process.

At Babich Sarcone, we have a team of experienced, compassionate family law attorneys. Our attorneys understand the nuances of state law that are specific to your situation. We can answer questions about dividing large marital estates, crafting fair and beneficial child custody plans, or how to modify or enforce the terms of the divorce settlement once the decree has been finalized. We are accessible to our clients when they need us; we understand that urgent situations can require an urgent answer.

Understanding Iowa Divorce Basics

Our firm’s attorneys will discuss your circumstances at your initial appointment and provide counsel on the best way to proceed with your divorce. Our goal is to advocate for the best interests of you and your children, while also delivering honest feedback on what you can expect from the legal system in the Iowa jurisdiction where your divorce was filed.

A few important things to remember about how divorce law in Iowa works:

  • Iowa is a no-fault divorce state. That means you do not have to provide a reason for the divorce beyond the relationship being irretrievably broken.
  • Iowa is an equitable distribution state. This means property acquired during the marriage is to be divided fairly – but that does not always equal a 50-50 split.
  • Iowa’s divorce process takes a minimum of 90 days from start to finish. Iowa courts will not grant a divorce less than 90 days after divorce paperwork is filed.
  • The fastest and easiest way to divorce in Iowa is to have an uncontested divorce. This means that you and your ex submit your settlement together, with agreement in all areas. It’s still sensible to be advised by an experienced family law attorney to make sure you are being treated fairly.

You can trust the lawyers at Babich Sarcone to focus on how to achieve your goals related to the divorce settlement.

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