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Defending Your Rights Against Property Crimes Charges

Not all crimes involve a personal victim or illegal substances. Property crimes are actions that involve the illegal possession or destruction of items or money without any threat of force. While not violent, these crimes can come with considerable fines and time in jail, so it is important to be sure you are doing everything possible to earn the outcome you deserve against your charges.

At Babich Sarcone Attorneys at Law, we proudly represent clients throughout the Des Moines area against their criminal charges. Our criminal defense lawyer, Nick Sarcone, has 15 years of combined experience representing all types of property crime charges, and we are prepared to fight to beat or reduce your charges, or even get the court to dismiss them, in any way we can.

Common Forms Of Property Crime

Attorney Sarcone has helped clients overcome all manner of property crime charges, so he knows how to develop personalized and viable defenses against them. Some different types of charges we have defended against include:

  • Theft – the unlawful taking and possession of property
  • Burglary – illegal entry into a property to commit theft
  • Vandalism – the deliberate act of damaging or destroying property
  • Arson – the malicious destruction of property by burning or charring it

While you may feel that you cannot defend yourself against these or other charges, there are viable defenses. We take the time to review the details of your unique case to confirm the eligibility of these defenses, including mistaken ownership, legitimate ownership, necessary destruction, and coercion.

Even if beating your charges does not look likely, we will also explore the possibility of getting your charges dismissed through something like proof of police error and the option of negotiating on your behalf for reduced charges or penalties. Rest assured, we will be by your side through every step of your defense process.

Begin Building Your Defense Strategy Here

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